18" Kasbah Crystal Sphere Chandelier

Gatsby Luminaires 3 Light 18" Crystal Chandelier

Gorgeous Three Light Pendant Chandelier From 19th c. Crystal Sphere Collection Has Globe Shape Frame Finished In Tuscan Gold. Faceted With High-Quality European Crystals Reflects And Retract The Light In All Directions Creating a Mosaic Like Shadow.  Perfect Functional Accent Lighting For Any Room.

19th c. Crystal Sphere Collection

Inspired by 19th-century Morocco lanterns, the 19th c. Crystal Sphere Crystal Chandelier Collection is a globe-shaped fixture strung with hundreds of crystals, each providing a brilliant shine. Built of steel and finished in Tuscan Gold, the multi-faceted hand-polished crystals beautifully reflect light off this strong base. This beaded crystal chandelier can be added to your current decor, or easily worked around to add a rich antique finish.